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 Nails... what they are?

Exactly, what they are..?

For some people they are an decoration, for others it is an irrelevant element of the hand.
We definitely need them, because the nail has a protective function (against the harmful effects of mechanical factors) and a defensive role. The nails  are one of the products of the epidermis, and they are made of keratin. 

Interestingly, the nails are dead. They don't breathe.

Many of my clients ask why their nails are weak, break quickly and can not have long natural nails. Well ... it depends on many reasons, mainly genetic, but also on a healthy diet (rich in vitamins and minerals), a healthy lifestyle and, of course -  daily nail care. I will focus on nail care, because I have no influence on genes, and I'm not a dietitian, so I can only recommend taking vitamin and mineral supplements.

How to take care of them?

1. When you have SNS on your nails, or gel, shellac, acrylic.
You can not take care of the natural plate because it is covered with material (acrylic, gel, sns etc.), but you can take care for the skin of the hand and cuticles. Always use a moisturizing cream, rub it into the skin of the hand, but also into cuticles. Remember also about the oil, which will additionally moisturize the cuticles around the nails.

2. Natural nails:
Healthy, natural nails are shiny, have no discoloration, they are not breaking and they are hard.
It is important to care for the natural plate by applying a hand cream, rubbing it into the nails, and also rubbing the olives oil into the cuticles and the natural plate. This will moisturize the nail plate, and the olive oil will create a natural greasy film on the surface, so water and chemical detergents will not so easily penetrate the nails.

When you work in the garden, when you clean the house, when you are doing heavy work, remember to use gloves or garden gloves. Not only the nail will be grateful for the protection, but also the skin of the hand, which may be damaged and dry.